Sunday, April 28, 2013

Voices from Laos tour on Radio Free Asia this weekend. One last event to go.

Radio Free Asia covered the Legacies of War Voices from Laos tour this weekend. Their last event is on the 30th at the Mott House in Washington D.C. Among the things RFA notes:
"Around 20,000 civilians are believed to have been killed or injured by explosives since the end of the war. Some 40 percent of the victims in the past 10 years have been children. 
International assistance for bomb clearance in Laos began in earnest only about 20 years ago and experts believe that it will take many more decades to ensure that affected areas are safe. 
Since 1997, the U.S. has provided U.S. $47 million in assistance, including U.S. $9 million in 2012."

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