Monday, February 16, 2015

[Poem] The AI Haikus, Part I

Big Brother observing,
So obsessed with the Truth,
How we miss so much...

Autopilot on,
Recording the tiny lives.
Next comes dictation.

Live faster with tech,
Abdicating decisions.
Who needs those choices?

You live between screens.
It's a dangerous world,
Brave as you are, slave.

Since school we taught:
Questions are the enemy.
Questions are "solved."

Not much difference
Between smart bombs and smart phones,
Icons and tombstones.

Democracy, sure
Takes a lot of effort, votes.
We have things to do.

Where are you going?
There is nothing to see here.
Why not just stay put?

Computer guidance
Overcomes your reluctance,
Your terminal blues.

Exporting futures:
Welcome to modernity,
A.I. Sabaidees.

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