Monday, February 02, 2015

The Daring Exploits of Bryan Thao Borra!

Well, we opened this week with a pleasant enough request addressed to Mister Bryan Thao Borra. 

I understand. 

It's easy to confuse the two of us, much like Brandy Lien Worrall, the Vietnamese American poet and raconteur of "What Doesn't Kill Us," a memoir of poetry, family, cancer, Agent Orange, and I think the Illuminati. (I could be mistaken on that last one.)  

Some observant souls have even noticed Brandy and I have never been spotted in the same room together. How strange, indeed. This MIGHT be resolved if you come to visit us at our table at the Association for Asian American Studies Conference in Chicago, this April. Keep an eye out for "us" at the SEA-ASP table! We'll be the rowdy, rowdy ones.

But she does look a bit different in pictures, comparatively speaking. For example:

Whereas I tend to take more sedate photos, lest I overwhelm my more genteel readers and aficionados of the strange, the bizarre, and the unexpected. After all, it seems the appropriate thing to do.

This week also opened up with a rather bizarre edit-war in the Wikimedia Commons over whether or not space should be made for "Poets from Laos," although poets from Latvia, Russia, China and many other corners of the earth made their way over there already. So it goes. Life is weird sometimes. But anyway, as to that Bryan Thao Borra fellow, keep an eye on him. He's like a Tom Waits and Talking Heads song made flesh, I tell you.

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