Tuesday, June 21, 2016

My American Kundiman to mark 10 years in November

Filipino American author Patrick Rosal's book of poetry, My American Kundiman will be celebrating 10 years this November.

Back when it was first released, his publishers at Persea Books remarked "Modeling poems on the kundiman, a song of unrequited love sung by Filipinos for their country in times of oppression, he professes his conflicted feelings for America, while celebrating and lamenting his various heritages."

The anniversary will be just in time for the election. I strongly suggest revisiting it for many reasons.

His current, fourth book is Brooklyn Antediluvian, which turns to poetry again to look at the possibilities of untapped multi-racial histories, but also the often heart-breaking limitations, and what it means to relate to one another.

Here, you can check out his poem, "An Instance of an Island"

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