Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Shipwreck Smiles Book Release Party: 6/17, Oakland

Lauren Andrei's new book of poetry, Shipwreck Smiles is being released this week at Temescal Studios at 4201 Telegraph Avenue, in Oakland, CA starting at 7PM. 

Shipwreck Smiles is 43 pages long with 21 poems including "The Sea Witch," "Peanut Butte Jelly Demons," and "I Swallowed a Bronze Sun Whole," with a great sense of imagination, spirit, humor, and soul. Brought to you by Blurb, where it regularly goes for $20.

The evening will feature music by DJ Drow Flow, and the suggested donation is: $10-$20 in addition to picking up a copy of her book, of course. You can find out more details at: http://shipwreck-smiles.eventbrite.com

Guest Artists in the evening's line-up include: Granny Cart Gangstas • Robin David • Lynnie Abadillia • Taylor Garcia • Kassandra Prindle • Sunshine Rocs • Aureen Almario • TJ Basa • Christine Trowbridge • Sammay Dizon • Morgan Beem • Rizal Adanza • Jessica Rozul • Jed Pasario • Jonah Pavon • Juan G. Beruman • Cesar Sangalang.

As for the author herself?

Lauren Andrei was born to a viraginous, Filipina woman and a green-thumbed Mexican man. She is fire breathing dragon herself. As a young girl, she jumped into the deep end of the pool and starting drowning but the water did not win. She started combating dream demons nightly and developed quite the hero complex. In the waking world, she is a part-time Oncology Nurse, artist and burrito huntress! Incidentally, she believes they are serendipitously connected. She also performs on stage, on film, and is a voiceover talent. She was last seen onstage in Stories High XIV in San Francisco, where she played the lead role of Despina and performs often as part of the all-female sketch comedy troupe Granny Cart Gangstas. You can find her in the ocean, if you can find her at all.

I'm looking forward to many more books from her in the years ahead!

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