Saturday, August 25, 2007

Harmony: Sept. 7-9

A quick note:

A poem of mine from On The Other Side Of The Eye (Imperious, which also previously appeared in Hyphen) is being performed as part of Harmony, a fusion of music, dance, prose and poetry exploring the complexities of relationships between people trying to find their place in this world.

It should be very interesting seeing my work performed by someone else.

Harmony is produced and directed by Kathleen Pettit with choreographer Sherry Saterstrom and original music by Matthew Llewellyn. The event takes place at:

Black Box Theater
Bloomington Center for the Arts
98th & Logan Ave So, Bloomington, MN

It also features interpretation of poetry & prose by several other Minnesota authors, (A whole list is up at the Harmony website) which should make for an interesting evening.

Tickets: $17 Adult, $14 Senior/Student

There's also a Green Mill Dinner Package available.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, can't make this one! Life's been pricey, lately, and now the starter's starting to go on the van, too.

Maybe we'll catch you at the 20th, if you can't drop by for Theo's b-day stuff (maybe the 16th, to avoid 35-62-Crosstown traffic icks). We'll be up at Pine City (Regency, aka "Emma" movie period, pioneering day stuff via Mn Historical Society) on the 15th, but his b-day is actually the Tues. before. Can you believe he's almost seven! OMG, I'm a mom! 8O

We expect to see you or at least call the little guy on the 11th or the 16th, though - you're like family, man! :D