Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New publications

Some new publications featuring my work have just recently arrived:

My poem, Heresies of Thread, Flint and Stone appears in the Summer 2007 issue of Tales of The Unanticipated, along with Ka Vang's short story, One Tongue Tiger.

Also, Marlow Peerse Weever's on-going anthology series 'In Our Own Words' has just released volume 7, covering Gen X writers (1960-1982) featuring an excerpt from my poem five fragments on page 157.

In this anthology, I'm right next to Nii Ayikwei Parkes' Heat, light and darkness. Parkes is a poet from Ghana. I'm also followed by Tanya Sevilla, a writer from Manila, and her poem, A Thirty-Second Reflection.

There are a lot of international voices assembled in this collection, which is refreshing. (Including Barbara Jane Reyes, I just realized!)


barbara jane said...

Ah, I'd meant to tell you I got my copy too and was happy to find your name in the table of contents!

Bryan Thao Worra said...

Awesome! Eve's Visitation, on page 121, has some pretty funky things going on in it. :) I'll have to hear it read aloud some time. :)

butterflybutterfly said...

You two are funny!

Now, barbara jane, at Bryan's book launch, I was serious about taking those photo/pictoral poems and doing something more with them - maybe posters? graphic poem novels, to capture a younger generation? Who knows, but it could be good!

You, too, B! ;D