Friday, March 16, 2012

"Myth of Spirits": Lantern Review #4

Monica Mody discusses her latest poem, "Myth of Spirits" that appeared in the new issue of Lantern Review #4, where I also have a new poem, "Pen/Sword". Timothy Yu, Neil Aitken, Jenny Lu and Kathy Tran also have work that appears in this issue. You can find it online at:

She sees it as part of an ongoing series that she wants to write. I'm looking forward to seeing future work from her.

For me, "Pen/Sword: 3 tales or so" was conceived of largely as a self-contained poem, but I was also happy with the way it interconnected well with the work of several other of the poets featured this time around.

I think it's a rare but particularly delightful occurrence when editors are able to present so many pieces that dovetail with each other to make an interesting statement in the course of an issue. Each poem stands alone well enough, but when considered next to each other, it also becomes another distinctive experience.

"Pen/Sword: 3 tales or so" will probably raise questions at a later date regarding which poets I'm specifically referring to in the third sequence. Some will be more readily apparently than others, others will be a little more obscure.

Take your time with this issue. There are some wonderful pieces in it. 

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