Monday, March 26, 2012

Northography: Amor Alien and speculative poetry

This week's stimulus at Northography is Amor Alien by Laura Molina. We already have six responses from the poets of Northography, and hopefully a few others will also join in shortly.

Several of the responses are great examples of Minnesota speculative poetry, as one would expect. You can view it at:

Northography posts a stimulus biweekly. A cadre of writers has two weeks to respond to this stimulus creatively on the website. At the end of the period the page will be archived and a new stimulus posted. It’s as simple as that. With this approach they can offer new, creative writing of the region to a wide audience every week, while providing a vibrant online community for writers who are looking for interaction, motivation and improvement.

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Laura Molina said...

Thank you all for the poetry! The musicians inspire the painters, the painters inspire poetry in a circle of creativity ~