Friday, October 19, 2012

Halloween Haunts with the Horror Writer Association

At the Horror Writer Association we have been hosting a number of free book giveaways and guest posts by established and emerging horror writers for our Halloween Haunts Series. Among the recent posts this month we have:

A Lucero Haunt by Brick Marlin 

How the Application of Corn Starch Prepared Me for Novel-Writing by David Annandale 

Fight for Your Right to Halloween by Jennifer Harlow 

Specialty Press Award Spotlight–Derrick Hussey and Hippocampus Press 

Three Ways Anyone Can Have an Awesome Halloween by Lincoln Crisler 

Fort Fear–Writing the Origin Story for a Haunted Attraction by Adrian Ludens

Check them out!

The Horror Writers Association is an organization to bring writers and others with a professional interest in horror together and to foster a greater appreciation of dark fiction in general. You can learn more at

My post on Lao supernatural creatures on October 25th appears next week!

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