Tuesday, October 09, 2012

The Express Diaries and the Orient Express.

In August, 2013, I'll be appearing in the Chaosium reprint of Horror On the Orient Express as a playable character! But while we're waiting, here's the trailer for The Express Diaries, a Lovecraftian horror story set on the Orient Express.

The description goes as follows: "EUROPE, 1925. The continent still licks its wounds from the devastating war that raged across it a few years before. Meanwhile, in London, an ageing professor has uncovered the clues to the whereabouts of pieces of an ancient statue, all but forgotten by history. When his investigations lead him to fear for his life, he enlists the aid of an unlikely group of allies; a retired colonel, a secretive academic, a magician’s wife, and a Yorkshire matriarch with her reluctant assistant. Together they will journey across Europe to recover the long-lost statue. They will travel in style, on the most luxurious train the world has ever seen. Unbeknownst to them, however, their activities have already attracted the attention of a sinister cult, desperate to acquire the artefact for their own dark purposes, and now a terrible creature, trapped for centuries, senses that the opportunity for revenge has come at last... THE EXPRESS DIARIES is a tale of a journey into darkness and horror on the world's most famous train."

Check it out!

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