Tuesday, October 02, 2012

[Poem] "Democracia" at the Science Fiction Poetry Association

A live recording of my poem "Democracia" is up at the Science Fiction Poetry Association's website's special Halloween, 2012 celebration page.  A very big thanks goes to Liz Bennefeld for putting it together.

"Democracia" will be included in my new collection "DEMONSTRA" coming out in April, 2013 but has also appeared in a number of other collections of mine including "The Tuk-Tuk Diaries: My Dinner with Cluster Bombs" and "On The Other Side Of The Eye."

This year also features the work of David Kopaska-Merkel, Chris Vera, David L. Summers, Dennis M. Lane, Linda D. Addison and Stephen M. Wilson. Please check them out and let them know if you enjoyed it! There's also a great archive going back to 2006 if you're looking for other contemporary Halloween speculative poems.

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