Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Outsiders Within selected for Korean Libraries

The Korean edition of Outsiders Within was just selected (June 2013) by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism and the Publication Industry Promotion Agency of Korea. They will buy over 300 copies of the book to be deposited in libraries around Korea. This money will be used to fund the Korean translation and publication of The Child Catchers by Kathryn Joyce. Out of 221 books selected, only 10 or less than 5% were translations. (At the leading bookstore in Korea, about 50% of the books on the shelf are translations.) So it is a big deal! Thanks to all the contributors whose work made the book a success and whose contribution furthers the work of Do-Hyun Kim as he publishes books through KoRoot to raise awareness about adoption in Korea.

My poem "Evolve," which was also recently featured in the first Smithsonian exhibit on the journey of Asian Americans, appears in Outsiders Within. It's the only poem by a Lao American adoptee featured in the anthology, but it's nice to know my work is finding readers abroad along with the many other excellent contributors to this groundbreaking work of transcultural adoptees in our own words, on our own terms.

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