Sunday, October 06, 2013

Nor Sanavongsay and Full Metal Hanuman

We hit a major stretch goal in the Strange Horizons Fund Drive and the awesome art of Nor Sanavongsay has been included with my poem Full Metal Hanuman.

If you're interested in seeing more of Nor Sanvaongsay's work, be sure to check out his tumblr at

Be sure to let him know if you need a sketch. He has great rates for commissions. I appreciate him donating his skills to Strange Horizons on short notice. The results are great as one of the first visual depictions outside of the Lao community of the legendary entities known as the Vanon, set in the far flung future.

The Vanon are the Lao analog to belongs to the Hindu Vanara, who were typically simian in appearance. But they're more than just monkeys. Vanon had taken birth in bears and monkeys attaining the shape, valor, and occasionally, the character flaws of the gods and goddesses who created them. They were a forest-dwelling fighting force, who began near holy mountains at the center of the Multiverse. Or bio-weapons. So I think there's a lot to examine in their story.

Hopefully, we won't be the last to write of these fascinating entities. Who they've been, and what they might yet become.

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