Sunday, October 20, 2013

Laos is a world leader in solar energy use

Over at Doghouse Diaries they have a great map highlighting things various countries are good at. It catches many Lao by surprise that we're a leader in solar energy. The US leads the world in Nobel Prize winners and people killed by lawnmowers.

We're #2 in the world in solar energy use, according to his data source, and data from the CIA World Factbook. The number 1 country is Luxemborg. I think it's a great achievement for the Lao community. Over the next few months we'll be sure to take a deeper look into the issues and opportunities for solar power in Laos. I hope this fuels a renewed vigor and enthusiasm for understanding the science and now moving forward to creating exciting innovations in the field.

Of course, according to a WHO survey, Lao people are currently #1 in alcohol consumption among the ASEAN nations, so the mind spins a little contemplating the relationship between these two facts.

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