Wednesday, April 04, 2007

April Lao and Hmong Writing Opportunities

From the Editors of Bakka Magazine:

Currently, we are working on our sixth issue!

For the May issue, we have the following topics in mind and are looking for article submissions in the areas of:

* Boun Bang Fai(Fire Rocket Festival)

* Buddhism
-relevance in our globalized modern world?
-is it in a crisis in terms of waning attendance, relevance, and as effective moral leader?

*Giving money to family and relatives in Laos, a good idea?

* Whatever happened to the expat, anti-communist groups that were so active in the '80s? Where are they now?

*(and your favorite) Laotian guys who go back to Laos to get a wife, a good thing?

Currently, we can pay you $25 per article if we decide to post your work.

Visit Bakka Magazine online at

Paj Ntaub Voice, the longest running literary journal of the Hmong community now has a myspace at . If you're on myspace, check it out, and add them as a friend! :)

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