Friday, November 16, 2007

Highlights From "Crazy People Reading" at the Loft, 11/15

From the amazing reading at the Loft featuring TRAs Shannon Gibney and Sun Yung Shin as well as Doug Kearny in a literary tour de force in a packed room. Claire Wilson was an exceptional MC organizing the event to popular acclaim, with other great literary and community figures attending including E.G. Bailey, Bao Phi, David Mura, Juliana Hu Pegues, Jae Ran Kim and Kim Park Nelson, Robert Karimi and more.

A special congratulations to Cakes by Fhoua for yet another fantastic and delicious cake. In fact, all of the refreshments and snacks were uniformly excellent and yummy.

Youtube videos of the performance should go up sometime around the end of the month once I survive Thanksgiving. :) But in the meantime, enjoy the slideshow. :)

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Shanakin said...

Thank you, B, for being the amazing documentarian that you are!