Sunday, January 06, 2008

2007 In Review

Besides meeting many wonderful new people for the first time and the publication of On The Other Side Of The Eye by Sam's Dot Publishing, I kept a little busy, thanks to you and all of your support!

This year I added at least 9 new publications to my credits list and successfully placed over 23 different and orginal poems around the world. It's been a positive experience!

The furthest away was in the Hong Kong-based journal Cha, and the closest would probably be a tie between Northography, Paj Ntaub Voice and the St. Paul Almanac. But here's the 2007 rundown:

Bakka Magazine, April 07: Stairways In Luang Prabang, Nam, and Sai Lao.

Budget Travel's popular book The Smart Traveler's Passport: 399 Tips from Seasoned Travelers features a small tip from me. The other 398 are very good too! :)

Cha: An Asian Literary Journal: Zelkova Tree

Eye.D Magazine: Two essays: A View Askew and Changers.

Illumen #6: The Deep Ones and Before Going Feral. As a side note, this issue also features Bao Phi, Linh Dinh, Samy Yang, Burlee Vang and the cover art is by Chamindika Wanduragala. It's highly recommended if you can find a copy.

In Our Own Words: A Generation Defining Itself: five fragments (#5)

Journal of Southeast Asian Education and Advancement:Snakehead Fish, Departures, Capital, and Preparations for Southeast Asia.

Northography.Com: 6 poems in 2007: Men, Scales, Whatever Comes To Mind, Lurking Jove, The Fifth Wheel.

Tales of The Unanticipated #28: Heresies of Thread, Flint And Stone.

Unplug Magazine (June/July 07) featured 4 poems: Dreams, Rebellion, Zaj, Ntsuag Sings The Blues

Paj Ntaub Voice Humor(Less) 07: I keep seeing reports I have poems in here, but I haven't seen the actual issue myself yet. I'll update this once I have.

2008 St. Paul Almanac: Riding The 16, Modern Life

In all, I hope this serves as an encouragement to all of my fellow writers and artists out there.

As I've said before, I see this not just as a personal victory for me, but it is a victory for all our all of us, that our voices do count and our voices do make a difference. :)

I couldn't have done this without you!

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Anonymous said...

Gee, is that all? :-P

You're making the rest of us look bad!

Now you have to top yourself in 2008!