Monday, April 07, 2008

OTOSOTE At AAAS: Chicago 08!

A quick heads up for anyone who's hoping to pick up a copy of On The Other Side Of The Eye while at the Association for Asian American Studies conference:

The good news is On The Other Side of the Eye has been selling!

Big thank yooooooooooous to all of you wonderful people who've gotten your copy already!

The bad news: I'm down to only 30 copies left at the moment while the new run is being printed, and between now and next week I've got 2 other major readings in Wisconsin: Green Bay, La Crosse and a trip to Madison and Milwaukee coming up.

But if you get me a heads up by Wednesday, I can easily set aside a copy for you by the time we get to Chicago, and we'll deal with all the small details there! Drop me a note at

Wishing you all of my very best!

This year's conference theme is: "Where is the “Heart” of Asian America? Troubling “American Identity and Exceptionalism in an Age of Globalization and Imperialism" and you can learn more at

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