Friday, July 04, 2008

On Thai puppets and performances

Some results from my current research online:

In Thailand, performing troupes have similarities to a degree, but close observation also shows each troupe has unique performing elements.

With the Nai Wing troupe, each puppeteer holds the puppet with the right hand and the stick with the left hand, while other troupes do the reverse.

Master Chuen Sakulkaew trains his beginning puppeteers at the early stage to hold puppets by centering the bamboo core (as a handle) in a bowl. Reportedly, this way, puppeteers can control the movement of puppet in the way they want.

Chakkrabhand Posayakrit is said to incorporate different posture or movements from various masters such as Chuen Sakulkaew and Wong Ruamsuk into his own way style. He is famed for performing key characters in the Ramakien: Phra Ram, Sida, and Benchakuy among others.

Hun Krabok is regarded in Thailand as a high art form for its emphasis on the expression of moods, actions, and dance styles. I'll try to track down more information later.

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