Wednesday, September 24, 2008


In the coming weeks ahead, we'll be trying some new things out at On The Other Side Of The Eye while we contemplate new directions both for this blog and creatively across the board!

In the meantime, get ready as we continue to discuss more issues involving my new upcoming books Winter Ink and BARROW, some great readings including Common Good Bookstore, Wisconsin Lutheran College, the Arcana Horror Convention, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the Twin Cities Book Festival and the Minnesota Center for Book Arts!

We'll also discuss the upcoming Legacies of War / Refugee Nation project in the Twin Cities in 2009, one of our most ambitious projects ever.

With October coming around the corner, expect our annual review of the strange and the supernatural of Asia, and in November we'll have our annual look at National Adoption Month.

Many other exciting topics will be posted here soon!

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