Sunday, November 23, 2008

Boston Progress Radio and Bryan Thao Worra!

 I was just featured on Boston Progress Radio's popular Shuffled feature!

Boston Progress Radio is a community-based online radio station and blog focusing on independent Asian American music and art. Their goal is to build a space for Asian American artists to share their work, to offer their perspectives and to reflect on what connects us, what moves us, what powers us. It's worth checking out. 

Shuffled is a weekly column appearing every Thursday here on BPRLive. Each week, we welcome someone from the APA community to share some thoughts about the music they listen to. My five songs that emerged from a random shuffle of my mp3 player were pretty eclectic, with a special appearance by Anthem Salgado, whose Time and Money remains one of my favorite Asian American tracks of the 21st century.

Stop by and tell them I said hello!

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