Thursday, January 01, 2009

Karen HeaChung Lyu at Cafe Coco: Jan. 4th!

Karen HeaChung Lyu singing at Cafe Coco Open Jazz Jam
Sun, Jan 4th
Cafe Coco
210 Louise, Nashville, TN
My good friend Karen Lyu is a great jazz singer who lived many years up in MN and is currently down in TN. You might really enjoy her work. She's got a performance on Sunday at the Cafe Coco.

Her keyboard player Anthony Belfiglio (who has played with jazz greats including 3 of the Marsalis brothers) will be showing up around 6:30pm, so she will definitely be singing for sure when he gets there, and probably a song or two beforehand.

The host of the jazz jam, sax player Ben Graves, will be back from a national tour with the Grammy-award-winning Raul Malo, and her main bass player Daniel Hyberger will be the house bassist, so there will be great music!

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