Thursday, February 26, 2009

A recent update from the Journal of Lao Studies:

For their first issue planned for Fall 2009, the Journal of Lao Studies has chosen four articles which will cover the fields of Anthropology, Economics, Literature, and Diaspora Studies.

In addition to these articles, they have commissioned three reviews of groundbreaking books in Lao Studies in the fields of History, Art, and Political Science. They also have plans for short summaries of recent events in Laos and an interview with a eminent Lao Studies scholar. Because of the high volume of article submissions for the first issue, They are working on issues two and three, and highly encourage submissions for them.

The Journal of Lao Studies (JLS), published by the Center for Lao Studies, is an exciting new scholarly project which is expected to become the first and most prestigious venue in the many disciplines under the umbrella of "Lao Studies." For more information on the Journal of Lao Studies, please visit the Center for Lao Studies website at To submit an article for consideration, please send to:

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