Monday, December 13, 2010

LAO Report on UXO and Convention on Cluster Munitions: 12/30

Save the Date -- Thursday Dec. 30th, 2010!

Join the Lao community and Jack Rossbach for an interesting presentation that will include the report from LAO about the successful 1st Meeting of States Parties for the Convention on Cluster Munitions Held in Nov. 2010 Laos (1MSP) along with more general information about the wonderful people of Laos.

1MSP is an international effort to ban cluster munitions (121 Countries formally attended).

Come and celebrate with notable Lao community members, Nobel Peace Prize winning Laureates and other fine individuals. Artifacts, Photos and video from 1MSP will be present. Bring friends, family and anyone else that you can convince this is a good time. Entertainers welcome. As always we will have a pot luck dinner with hopefully Lao food so bring something even if it is only yourself.

When: Thursday, December 30th 5:00-9:00PN+.

Where: The Lao Family building located at 320 University Ave. W., St. Paul (Near Western and University before Rice). Contact at Lao Family Yao Lo 651-221- 0069 for additional information.

Who: Jack Rossbach, Coordinator of the Minnesota Campaign to Ban Landmines and Cluster Munitions in partnership with the Lao community calls the annual meeting to order while celebrating his birthday, much to the dismay of his children. Contact Jack for additional information. Home 651-488-0524 or

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