Monday, November 07, 2011

Toys Are Us and Wight in Apex

A few months back I supported Zac Shavrick's kickstarter project, the awesome Toys Are Us: a Crowd Driven Art Project. The results were great and to me really exemplify the best of what kinds of projects Kickstarter can support:

And it arrived just in time following my recent admission to the Horror Writers Association and the publication of my poem  'Wight' in Apex Magazine thanks to their new editor Lynne M. Thomas. It's rare that such moments of greater poetry occur in life, I think.

He's not accepting commissions until after mid-December, but I'd definitely recommend him and give my thanks to Kickstarter for connecting us as artists. Here's to his continued success. And here's a video of his traveling exhibition visiting the kickstarter founders. Watch closely, and you might see someone holding a familiar sculpture: 

Toys Are Us- Pickup Truck Exhibition from Kickstarter on Vimeo.

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