Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Doing Literature: A Man For All Seasons!

We’re discussing A Man For All Seasons on this Saturday at the Hemet Public Library at 10AM! We’ll see you there!

A Man for All Seasons (1960) examines Sir Thomas More's conflict with Henry VIII over his break with the Catholic Church.

Adapted from a radio play Bolt had written in 1954, it is generally regarded as Bolt's finest and most successful work. The original production featured Paul Scofield as Thomas More, as well as Keith Baxter as Henry VIII, George Rose as the Common Man, and Albert Dekker as the Duke of Norfolk.

His play develops in full his themes of individuality versus society. It also examines the corruption within authority, all ideas he would return to again in pieces such as Lawrence of Arabia, The Mission, The Bounty and Dr. Zhivago.

A Man For All Seasons was a huge critical and commercial success, with several revivals, and made into an acclaimed film in 1966.

The discussion is free to attend!

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