Friday, July 13, 2012

Lao Artist Spotlight: Kheuthmy "Loy" Khambay

Bringing some quick attention to a Lao American visual artist recently spotted on Etsy and with her own website at  Kheuthmy Khambay, who is more commonly known as Loy.Her first solo art show called the Ah-Loy Show in 2007 which boosted her confidence to put on an annual show since with a new theme to showcase her vision.

Among themes she's explored in her work to date:  Loy's Eden, Loy's Seven, Loy In Laos, Loy's Seduction,  and Sao Loy. She's also doing commissions for a reasonable rate. She attended Full Sail University with degrees in Commercial Art and Film & Video Production.

She and her family are from Savannakhet, and her work adds to the growing number of visual artists from there, such as Mali Kouanchao, Bounxou Chanthraphone and Vong Phaopanit. Loy's style also occasionally brings to mind some of the work of Kinnari Phimpadubsee and Aloun Phoulavan for me, but you'll be able to tell the difference between the three of them easily.

She considers her art to be inspired by Feng Shui principles. Among her series so far, I think Loy's Seduction is the strongest of her work series, venturing into areas you rarely expect to see Lao visual artists. It's blunt and striking.

Loy In Laos and Sao Loy are the series I expect most people will gravitate towards, or her floral work, but I  think it's far more interesting to see where she might go next if she kept exploring the themes Loy's Seduction suggest. She'll be able to pay the bills doing commissions closer to Loy In Laos and Sao Loy, but  I think her lasting statements will be found in the transgressive images that go against the grain of what Lao artists are expected to present. Her Ah-Loy series was also notable, very playful with a great use of color, and many will probably have several favorites from the series.

I'm looking forward to seeing how well she can sustain her output in the coming years ahead.

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