Thursday, September 12, 2013

Captain America in a turban

Salon has a wonderful account of Vishavjit Singh, who recently traveled through New York wearing a Sikh interpretation of the Captain America costume. It was a wonderful question of who do we consider heroes, and who do we consider American. The responses he received were at times wonderful, while other times, they remind us of the tremendous work yet ahead we need to continue to build this country into everything our forefathers dreamt for us. Give it a read.

From a Lao American standpoint, I would ask: What would it look like if Captain America wore a sinh, or other traditional markers of Lao American culture? I suppose that would be Captain Laomerica, but hopefully it won't be too long before someone shows us what she or he would look like. Since Lao culture hasn't traditionally used shields in most imagery from the pre-gunpowder era, it would be interesting to see what a fully-realized interpretation would be like.

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