Saturday, November 16, 2013

The DEMONSTRA Manifest

Today's the final presale for DEMONSTRA, a collection of Lao American speculative poetry including artwork by Vongduane Manivong coming out in December from Innsmouth Free Press.

In addition to the appendix, illustrations, and other extras, here's an overview of the poems that are included, drawing on over 40 years of the Lao Diaspora through the lens of the horrific, the fantastic and the imaginative, including the work of writer H.P. Lovecraft. Several of the poems have appeared internationally and in journals such as The Missing Slate, Strange Horizons, Asian Pacific American Jorunal, Expanded Horizons, Lakeside Circus, Bamboo Among the Oaks, G-Fan, and Innsmouth Magazine.
  1. Idle Fears
  2. The Deep Ones
  3. Fragment of a Dream of Atlantean Yellows         
  4. Dead End in December 
  5. What the Guide Said     
  6. Laonomicon      
  7. Kwam Yaan: A Dharma Discourse             
  8. The Terror in Teak          
  9. Grandma Wom Wants to Eat the World
  10. Isopod 
  11. Gop Nyai            
  12. Songkran Niyomsane’s Forensic Medicine Museum       
  13. Zombuddha      
  14. Snakehead        
  15. Pla Buek              
  16. The Last War Poem
  17. Nakology            
  18. No Such Phi       
  19. Kinnaly
  20. Silosoth’s Secret Roads to Himapan.       
  21. Passa Falang      
  22. The Dream Highway of Ms. Mannivongsa            
  23. Digging For Corpse Oil   
  24. The Doom That Came To New Sarnath  
  25. To Relatives I Never Knew          
  26. Nakanya             
  27. Naklish
  28. Dream 
  29. Into Worlds of Meaning               
  30. The Raja and the Salamander    
  31. Stainless Steel Nak         
  32. The Spirit Catches You and You Get Body Slammed         
  33. War Kinnaly       
  34. Democracia       
  35. World Records 
  36. A Sphinx Reviews Myths as Self               
  37. A Discussion of Monsters            
  38. My Body, A Span of Stars to Be 
  39. The Secret That Sat In the Middle
  40. Midwest Shapeshifters
  41. In the Fabled Midwest 
  42. Iku Turso Came to NoMi              
  43. Grendel’s Mother          
  44. Mooks 
  45. Ramakien Blues               
  46. Wendigo Blues 
  47. Meditation on a Wandering Arb               
  48. Lemur and the Bakeneko            
  49. Pondering Peg Powler  
  50. Dreamonstration            
  51. Temporary Passages     
  52. The Tiger Penned at Kouangsi Falls
  53. Charms
  54. Japonisme, Laoisme      
  55. BodhiGamera   
  56. Flowers from Saturn
  57. Destroy All Monsters!   
  58. Song of the Kaiju             
  59. The Moth           
  60. The Big G Walking           
  61. Kaiju Haiku         
  62. The Robo Sutra
  63. Laostronauts     
  64. Full Metal Hanoumane 
  65. Projections through a Glass Eye               
  66. Swallowing the Moon   
  67. What Is The Southeast Asian American Poem Of Tomorrow?      

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