Monday, April 14, 2014

Two poems appearing in the 2014 Rhysling Anthology

My two Lao American speculative poems, "The Robo Sutra" and "Five Flavors," which appeared in 2013 in Expanded Horizons will now be appearing in the Rhysling 2014 Anthology from the international Science Fiction Poetry Association later this year.

That's a good way to start the new year! It's also the first year my work has ever been nominated for the award, so I'm touched.

 In 1978, Suzette Haden Elgin founded the Science Fiction Poetry Association, along with the Rhysling Awards. Nominees for each year's Rhysling Awards are selected by the membership of the Science Fiction Poetry Association.

There are two categories: “Best Long Poem” (50+ lines; for prose poems, 500+ words) and “Best Short Poem” (0–49 lines; for prose poems, 0–499 words) which are drawn from poems published for the first time in the preceding calendar year. The awards are voted on by the membership of the SFPA, which are presented in the Rhysling Anthology. This anthologizing is done to make it easier for members to review and consider all of the nominees who appeared in diverse publications from around the world.

The winning poems are often reprinted in the Nebula Awards Anthology from the SFFWA and Rhyslings are are considered  to be "the equivalent in poetry of the awards given for "prose" work— achievement awards given to poets by the writing peers of their own field of literature."

A big thanks to my editor Dash at Expanded Horizons for taking a chance on these works. They recently released their March issue, so please check that out!

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