Thursday, April 30, 2015

New work to appear in the Asian American Literary Review, Fall 2015

I just turned in several new works including "Laotian Cartographies, Part I (Phantoms)" for the Asian American Literary Review special issue (Fall, 2015) which will be highlighting 40 years since the end of the Vietnam War and other conflicts in Southeast Asia, particularly through the lens of cartography and ghosts. That's a good way to end the month. A big thanks to Lawrence-Minh Bùi Davis and Mariam B. Lam for putting up with me and my zany, zany schedule. I'm really excited about the pieces and will let you all know when it's up. Somewhat unrelated but then again not, a new poem of mine has been accepted for inclusion in an upcoming anthology addressing the King In Yellow this year. More details forthcoming.

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