Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Essential Asian American Poetry Library

I'm always curious to see what other people would consider essential texts to an Asian American poetry library.

Since there are so many out there, which ones do you consider your top ten that everyone (who's interested in this sort of thing) should REALLY have a copy of?

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barbara jane said...

good question, bryan. here are a few of mine, though not in order:

*truong tran, dust and conscience.
*frances chung, crazy melon and chinese apple.
*jaime jacinto, heaven is just another country.
*arthur sze, the redshifting web.
*catalina cariaga, cultural evidence.
*nick carbo, secret asian man.
*jose garcia villa, the anchored angel.

actually, there's a lot, and i started making a (very incomplete) list here:

bearing in mind that making lists invariably offends some, favors others (generation, aesthetic, etc).