Monday, June 12, 2006

New Asian American Poetry Books For 2006?

Well, might as well start this off right.

Who's putting out new books of Asian American poetry for 2006?

2005 was a pretty impressive year, with some very good entries from a diverse body of figures. Will 2006 match it?

If you've got a book coming out or has come out, or know someone who does, let's hear about it!


barbara jane said...

yay bryan! you're in blogworld!

ok so offhand here's what i know of forthcoming APA books (not sure if these are 2006 or 2007):

*aimee nezhukumatathil's corpse flower (tupelo).
*patrick rosal, my american kundiman (persea).
*lee herrick's this many miles from desire (word tech).
*joseph legaspi's imago (cavankerry).

Shin Yu said...

A few projects of my own that will finally be seeing the light of day...

The Love Hotel Poems - Press Lorentz
Works on Paper - Convivio Bookworks
Selected Writings: 2000-2005 - Ahadada Books