Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Pop Culture: Upcoming

We've already seen a lot come out already. Still, there are a few notable things:

My hopes have all but dwindled for Pulse, a remake of the long, but reasonably interesting film Kairo. To say they seem to have missed the point is a bit of an understatement.

On the other hand: The horror film Ang Pamana - The Inheritance looks like an interesting offering from the Filipino Canadian director Romeo Candido.

G-Fan Magazine also just announced that they'll be hosting one of the first showings of the first CGI Kaiju film, "Negadon-The Monster From Mars" at G-Fest in Chicago this year, along with the all new Gamera film, "Gamera-The Little Braves." If you're in Chicago, it sounds like a don't miss.

I've just got to put in a plug for the upcoming film "The Motel" It's inspired by the very funny short-story that ultimately became Ed Lin's classic novel "Waylaid," a definitely must-read if you can find a copy! Thanks to Angry Asian Man for posting the current poster for this film!

From The Dept. of "Hmmmm.":
Zhang Ziyi seems to be in talks to star in an un-Disneyfied Mulan. This could go good or bad. After all, the authentic Mulan story is a timeless classic.

There's also talk of her in a Seven Samurai remake.

This probably disturbs me just because I rather like the Seven Samurai. And hey, I may be accusing before I've seen. How bad COULD it be?

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