Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Pop Culture: Asian Body Count, X-Men Style

Is it just me, but with the exception of Jubilee, did EVERY Asian American character in X-Men 3 get killed off?

Jubilee seems to always wander off in the films. Blink and you miss her, like this scene in X-Men 2:
Strangely, more people care about what happened to me than to Cyclops.
I'm won't go into all the things that could be said about how Psylocke was handled. (Who, in the comics, is a proper English psychic trapped in an Asian supermodel assassin's body with a lousy sense of costume practicalities... But then, aren't we all?)

Update: Given how several "well-known" X-men personalities were given short shrift in X3 it's probably good to point out that "Psylocke" was supposed to be the one on the far right with the purple hair and no dialogue:
Can we get SAG cards for this?

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