Thursday, June 22, 2006

Midwest Radio Harassing Asian Americans

On June 20th, the Toledo Blade finally paid attention to the situation brewing down in Toledo, Ohio where a DJ was making a racist ass of himself. The Toledo Blade Article gives you the basics. I've got an op-ed posted over at Asian American Press that covers some of my feelings on the matter. But I hope others will see the importance of speaking out against this kind of harassment. It shouldn't be tolerated anywhere.

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sume said...

Good going, Bryan! No, it shouldn't be tolerated anywhere on any medium.

On a side note: When I found out that Troi Torrain was one of the singers of that hideous tsunami song, I couldn't believe it. He'd been fired by Hot 97 then hired by another station where he threatened the other dj's under-age daughter. I keep wondering where he's going to pop up next.