Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Pop Culture: New Asian Superheroes. True Progress or 'Same Same, But Different?'

Check out: DC Comic's New Chinese Superhero Team: The Great Ten.

You should have seen the ones who DIDN'T make the cut. Featuring figures like the ever popular "Mother of Champions" who can give birth to a litter(!?!?) of 25 super soldiers every three days.

There's many things we could ask, like "Where's "Father of Champions?" and other issues of sex & sexuality. Or lack thereof, based on comic creators' apparent (no pun intended) view of Asians.

But that's a whole different rant.

In any case... Nice. I guess we can be glad we don't have Incredible Launderer, Knock-off, who possesses "the inscrutable ability to make cheap versions of anything he sees," or Crafty, the Sly Siamese Spy "who betray round-eye with single word..."

Then again, we haven't seen The Great Ten's enemies yet.

Why do I think we might be better just watching Minoriteam episodes?

In the meantime, thanks to the hard work of Loren Javier, we can traipse through yesteryear at the Asian Pacific American Toychest to see how far we've come! While I'm not sure I agree with all of Loren's takes on the subjects he showcases, this is still a very interesting site and hopefully it will become a more comprehensive resource in the years to come!

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