Sunday, July 28, 2013

3Call: Recent Calls for Submissions. International edition

This week's 3Call is a selection of international journals that you may wish to consider if you're interested in building an international readership:

Anak Sastra seeks short stories (fiction or creative nonfiction), poetry, and book reviews for its 13th issue due out in October 2013. Contributors and/or story themes must have some connection to Southeast Asia. For more information and to submit work, please visit:

The Missing Slate takes submissions in three categories: visual art, literature (poetry and fiction), and articles (social commentary, op-eds, creative nonfiction). Submissions are open throughout the year, but each category has its separate email address and submissions guidelines, which they ask you to respect. The Missing Slate is an arts and literary journal created with intent to uphold free speech irrespective of geography, political or religious affiliations. Their goal is simple: honor talent and incorporate as many styles, opinions and cultures as possible. The magazine is a “borderless” one with a culturally and intellectually diverse team that believes if art can’t be quantified, it can’t be mapped either. Many of their team members are based in South Asia.

QLRS (in full, the Quarterly Literary Review Singapore) is the Internet literary journal of Singapore. Their mission is "to promote the literary arts in Singapore, to stimulate the feedback mechanisms in the literary scene, and to develop Singaporean writers to international standards. QLRS is pleased to receive submissions of previously unpublished writing or other material at any time." QLRS accepts submissions from Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans alike. Considering their focus areas include "developing Singaporean writing, they would be especially keen on writing with Singapore relevance."

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