Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Vietnamese fantasy action film, "Once upon a time in Vietnam."

From the description: "The first fantasy action film in Vietnam, directed and written by Dustin Nguyen. Once upon a time in Vietnam tells about the image of the man and the hero in society. Through this movie, director Dustin Nguyen has a desire that, for the first time on the big screen in Vietnam, the audience will participate in an interesting adventure to the fantasy world in the movie.. The story starts with a small village where innocent people were being harassed and bullied by a notorious gangster and his accomplices. In addition, it looks like Hien - a baker in the region - is a thorn in their side. Before the overbearingness of the gang, Hien and his wife decided to appeal the local villagers to protest against them. At the same time Dao - a mysterious master - came and witnessed this conflict and helped the villagers..."

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