Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Secret Identities

A preview pdf for the Secret Identities project is now up online at .

I and many others are currently cooking together submissions for this exciting anthology discussing Asian American superheroes and what they would / could mean for the community.

We'll see if it gets picked up, but even if it doesn't I will say we've had a heck of a good time talking about it.

Almost makes me want to go back to City of Heroes and reactivate my old LaoMan character. But my schedule is way too packed to fit in an mmorpg these days.

In recognition of this great project, and because I've recently been rummaging in my basement, I'll be posting more about comic books and superheroes who've influenced On The Other Side Of The Eye and other pieces of my writing over the years, from an Asian American perspective.

Stay tuned!

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