Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Ed Lin Reviews OTOSOTE!

The amazing writer Ed Lin, author of the novels Waylaid and the new This Is A Bust, had a great review for On The Other Side Of The Eye. Thanks!

I hope he doesn't mind my reprinting it here! :)

"I've been reading this striking book over the past two months, every day on the train, making my way through the layers of writing and my own thoughts.

It's a remarkable collection, full of lonesome, searching and speculative songs as if Hank Williams contemplated Lovecraft instead of love.

Here's a perfect verse: "In two years, I don't believe I've said more/than a dozen words to my Khmer neighbors/in the apartment below me./That's just the way it is."

Here's a perfect line: "And what we have left to say could explode any minute."

There are many more perfect ones. There are many that are not.

Thao Worra gives it to you together to show you all that is broken and beautiful in this terrible world.

I strongly suggest you buy one here now."

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