Saturday, November 07, 2009

[Creature Feature] Makara

A Makara is a sea creature often used as a mount by a variety of dieties. It is also the insignia of Kamadeva, a god of love and lust. There's debate about its similarity to a crocodile, a dolphin or a creature with the body of fish body and the head of an elephant. It corresponds in some ways to the symbol of Capricorn as the goatfish.

The Makara is currently considered under the category of cryptid as there's a possibility it is in fact a real creature. Some think it may be an aquatic pachyderm, such as a variation of the Moeritherium.

There's also connections to the cryptid referred to as Trunko, which seems to be a large, hairy aquatic creature with an elephant trunk that has been spotted fighting orcas.

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