Thursday, January 21, 2010

[Diversicon] Hong on the Range

This year's Diversicon Guest of Honor is William F. Wu who is the author of the unique 1989 wild west/science fiction adventure of Louie Hong and his faithful companions. The gang consists of Prism Chisholm, Chuck, Rusty, Betsy, and many more including cows who really do talk and sing.

It's not often you see an Asian American space cowboy, and this one pulls it off in grand style: In the future, most people and animals are partly mechanical, so totally human cowboy Louie Hong faces some odd adventures when he tangles with bionic outlaws and bounty hunters who are both blaming him for a recent bank robbery. How does it end? Well, you'll just have to find out.

It was also turned into an Image  comic book series that was chosen for the Wilson Library Bulletin's list of science fiction "Books Too Good To Miss."

Hong On the Range has also been a selection for the American Library Association list of Best Books for Young People,  a Young Adult Editor's Choice by Booklist Magazine and received the New York Public Library's Recommended Books for the Teen Age. Hong On the  Range emerged from Wu’s Hugo and Nebula Award nominee HONG'S BLUFF which first appeared in Omni Magazine.

William F. Wu is coming to Minnesota from July 30th-August 1st with a reading at DreamHaven Books on July 29th. He's a fun guy and you shouldn't miss him when he comes to town! And you'll also get a chance to find out what his upcoming projects are.

Rates for registering for the convention up until the Ides of March, (March 15 2010) are: Adult $25, Student (ages 5–21) $15.  Up until Bastille Day, (July 14 2010), the rates go up to Adult $30, Student $20.  At the door, rates are Adult $40, Student $30. For more questions, contact

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