Sunday, January 17, 2010

[Film] NYT: The Coming Revolution

The New York Times ran an article recently highlighting the opportunities and paradigm shift for independent film-makers to distribute their work in the future. We've been talking about this for a while. It's worth a look.  Three key points of note to me:

"The festival circuit has emerged as a de facto distribution stream for many filmmakers, yet the ad hoc world of festivals is not a substitute for real distribution. And then there’s the simple fact that there are independent filmmakers who do not fit inside the Hollywood (and Hollywood-style) distribution model and do not want to..."

"...By sharing information and building on one another’s ideas, they are in effect creating a virtual infrastructure. This infrastructure doesn’t compete with Hollywood; this isn’t about vying with products released by multinational corporations. It is instead about the creation and sustenance of a viable, artist-based alternative..."

"The downside to this new D.I.Y. world is that filmmakers, who already tend to expend tremendous time and effort raising money, might end up spending more hours hawking their wares than creating new work."

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