Tuesday, February 09, 2010

[Asian American Theater] KP's Actor's Gym

Down in California near Fresno, Khetphet “KP” Phagnasay has assembled an interesting grass-roots approach to acting and the arts known as KP's Actor's Gym. The group is dedicated to bringing professionalism into the entertainment industries, school, and the community. They strive to give, challenge, contribute positive, constructive, safe, nurturing environments for learning.

I've enjoyed the results of their work so far, particularly their recent Lookee Loo Showdown, which wound up producing a number of fun, low-budget horror shorts such as The Lycanthropes.

The concept was a seven day film challenge in which you had to write, shoot, edit, export to DVD and hand deliver your project before the midnight deadline. Another aspect was that teams must assemble a crew and cast, not to mention secure locations. Is this the future of Cinema? Who knows.

At 8 minutes, even if you don't like the stories, at least you don't have sit through too much of it. I'm looking forward to their future projects!

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