Monday, February 22, 2010

Supporting Luang Prabang Film Festival 2010?

I just received a nice letter from Gabriel Kuperman in Laos, who has obtained formal approval from the Lao government to produce a film festival in Luang Prabang in December of 2010 (marking the 35th anniversary of the Lao PDR, and the town's 15th year on UNESCO's World Heritage Site list).

This would be Laos' first major film festival and will call for submissions from all 10 members of ASEAN, and will celebrate and promote filmmaking in Southeast Asia. The plan is for it to have a strong educational component for young Lao and regional filmmakers. They are currently looking for funding, which may be the most challenging part of this project.

They're looking for some advice on people or organizations that might be interested in collaborating or sponsoring. Any support they can find would apparently be appreciated- Funding has proven to be much more difficult than they expected, so any connections you think they could tap would be fantastic.

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