Thursday, May 20, 2010

Organization Profile: Asian Arts Initiative

It's always great to see good Asian American organizations out there, and the organizers and activists in Philadelphia have their hands full. This week I'm speaking at an event organized by the Asian Arts Initiative!

At the Asian Arts Initiative in Philadelphia, they are artists and performers, youth and parents, poets and writers, directors and actors, and musicians and dancers. They believe that the arts can provide an important political and cultural voice for the Asian American community in Philadelphia. They serve as a community arts center where artists and everyday people are developing means to express the diverse experiences of Asian Americans.

They have five main programs: An arts gallery, performances, artist workshops, Chinatown projects, workshops just for youth and the ACT program: Artists in Communities Training, a professional development course designed to give artists facilitation and teaching skills needed in school and community settings.

ACT is a six-week series of intensive workshops on educational models and strategies, a hands-on teaching placement, and opportunities for future residencies in schools and community settings.

Very interesting stuff, and with more support in Philadelphia, they could really accomplish even more amazing things!

I look forward to showing you all more pictures when I get back!

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