Tuesday, April 12, 2011

MN Arts Census

If you are involved in the arts or you know people involved in the arts, whether you take art classes, sing in a choir, act, write, paint, sew, weave, draw, play music, or dance; whether your art is a hobby or a profession, we NEED all of you to stand up and be counted!

The MN Arts Census is underway and we need answers by the end of the month.  Please visit www.mnartscount.com and help us show how much the arts count in Minnesota.

The legislature has requested this arts census and it's important to accurately show the large number of people in the state who participate in the arts.

After you have taken the short survey, please ask five other arts participants you know to take it as well.

The MN Arts Count Census survey is available online at www.mnartscount.com. Paper copies can be requested by calling 800-748-3222, ext. 225.

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