Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Laos in the House Update: 50 days to go!

We all wanted to give a big thanks to everyone who's chipped in during the first 10 days of our Laos in the House: Midwest fundraising drive on and we're now 1/5th of the way there, but we need your support to make this possible.

This is the first tour in the Midwest of professional Lao American writers and artists in 36 years.

During our trek across the Midwest we're covering at least 1,111 miles sharing Lao American art and literature and more importantly, looking for new artists and community members and bring their voices forward.

We're collecting oral histories and finding the landmarks of Lao America, because many of our national and international accomplishments have their roots here. And if this tour is a success, we hope to bring the show to many other states as well so we can share the work of groups such as Legacies of War or the art of Vongduane Manivong and Mali Kouanchao, among so many others.

Now is the time to bring those stories forward and we all hope you'll join us in making this possible!

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